We had such a lovely morning at the Cinema today.
We loved watching ‘Moana’ and lots of children enjoyed singing along to the songs!

Today we have been learning about the story ‘Lost and Found.’ We created actions to retell the story to help us to remember the main parts.
This will help us later on in the week when we re-write the story.

IMG_0358 from Danielle Henry on Vimeo.

Hello year 2,

It’s me – the boy!

Thank you so much for your beautiful descriptions of the South Pole – they were amazing!
The penguin had so many visitors and he was so ecstatic to see them.

He wanted to read his friends our story ‘Lost and Found’, however he couldn’t find it anywhere.
We think it might be lost at sea!

The copies I gave to you won’t get to me in time so I wondered if you could please re-write me the story and then you could email them across to me?

Thank you ever so much!

The boy x

Can you please help?

The penguin is obviously lonely and he wants some friends to visit him at the South Pole.

Please tell his friends how amazing the South Pole is so that they will come and visit!

video-1508937597 from Danielle Henry on Vimeo.

Well done to Jaiden, Ahmed and Mahdin for receiving a deputy head teacher’s award today in our star of the week assembly.

Well done for being so kind, helpful and patient this week working with and supporting our new class member, Ahmed.
All three of us have looked after him, helped him to learn some words in English and showed him where to go around school.

Thank you for all of your help and positive attitude this week!

Thank you to all of the parents that were able to come and visit us this afternoon.

We had lots of fun creating our very own family portraits, family tree and also writing about why our families are so special to us.

This week we have started rehearsals for our Christmas Performance – Lights Camel Action!

If your child has a speaking part, they will have brought home their script. If you can, please could help them practise their lines.

We look forward to you watching the performance on Tuesday 12th December!

This week we found some glitter, snowflakes and snow in our classroom!
We were very surprised and confused so we put our heads together to think about who/ what might have been in our classroom.

Some children realised there was a trail of glitter, so we followed it to outside the classroom and found a penguin!

We didn’t know if it was lost or if it had travelled to our school to a particular reason.

We then received a letter which had a missing poster inside for a pet penguin.
We wrote some sentences to describe the penguin to send back with the missing poster to check if it was the same penguin.

We hope to hear back soon and we will keep you updated!

Welcome back year 2! 🙂

We hope you’ve had a lovely half term and got up to some very exciting things!
This half term, we have some very exciting lessons and activities planned.

In Science our topic will be Living Things and Habitats.

Can you identify living and non-living things?
Can you match and identify animals that live in particular habitats?

Out Topic will be split into two. The first half we will focus on Guy Fawkes!

We will be learning about the Gunpowder Plot. Do you know why bonfire night is celebrated?

The second half of our topic will be Winter. We will be learning about countries that are cold, animals that adapt in Winter and also the North and South Pole.

Do you like Winter? What do you like about this season?

Please remember to have your reading book signed each week in order to get a new book!
Also, please practise your spellings each week ready for your spelling test every Monday.

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