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Today we created a timeline of Florence Nightingale’s life. In 1820 Florence was born and in 1854 she went to Turkey to care for wounded soldiers in the Crimean War. Can you think of any other significant dates in Florence’s life?

This week 2B worked on bouncing. Firstly we practised keeping the ball under control in pairs when bouncing. We then increased speed while travelling and bouncing. We had a small competition at the end to see which relay team could bounce the ball to the cone and back again in the quickest time.

Here are just some of the fabulous learning logs from 2A about keeping our teeth healthy!

Today in English we discussed the story of Nurse Clementine and acted out a new ending to the story. Instead of Tommy getting stuck up a tree and Clementine helping him get down by standing on a bucket, we thought of our very own endings. Take a look at some of our acting in pairs: […]

We have been reading the story – Nurse Clementine by Simon James in our English lessons. Today we acted in role as the two main characters – Nurse Clementine and her brother Tommy. Tommy thinks he is a super hero, but he find himself in trouble! Can Nurse Clementine save the day and help her […]

Last week we put 4 eggs into 4 different cups. 1 with coca cola, 1 with water, 1 with milk and 1 with fresh orange juice. We wanted to see what would happen to them as egg shells are made out of a similar material to our teeth. Therefore we wanted to find out which […]

Well done to 2A who received the attendance award this week! Well done for coming into school and getting in on time! 🙂

Today Sufian received a headteacher’s award for his improved handwriting and continued hard work in English. Well done Sufian – a brilliant achievement! Also, well done to Zain who received a headteacher’s award for his great effort in English this week!

This week in basketball we focused on the skill of bouncing. We practised by ourselves, then with a partner and then we played some team games to see which team could bounce the ball with the most accuracy and in the quickest time! Take a look at some of year 2 competing: Basketball from Danielle […]

This week we have been looking at division in maths. We were solving problems using division and used cubes and other objects to help us solve them. One problem was: You have 20 cubes. How many different ways can you share them equally? Record the calculations that you can make. Can you solve it?

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