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We love reading, especially together in our class reading corner. Please encourage your children to read lots of books they’re interested in. Not even just books, but comics, leaflets, reports, information sheets etc. Remember to aim for them to read for at least 15 minutes EVERY day. Happy reading! 🙂

Today we discussed the effects of healthy and non-healthy drinks on our teeth. We decided to plan an experiment to find out! We planned an experiment using eggs. We found out that our teeth and egg shells are made from some similar materials. Therefore we planned a fair test using four different drinks. First we […]

This week in English we found a bag in our classroom! The children decided it was a medical bag! We did lots of investigating and found a hospital ID badge belonging to Nurse C! There was a stethoscope and a thermometer. We wrote predictions about who we think the bag might belong to and why. […]

Today we started our new topic all about the life of Florence Nightingale. She became famous for her work to improve hospitals during the 1800s. She became known as the lady of the lamp because she checked on the health of her patients throughout the night carrying a lamp. Today we made our very own […]

Well done to Melissa for being the first child in 2A to receive 50 class dojo points! What a huge achievement! Let’s see who can be next to reach 50 points! 🙂 Well done to Ibrahim for being the first child in 2B to receive 50 class dojo points! A fantastic achievement!

This half term we will be learning the skills to play basketball. In our first lesson we focused on aiming and shooting. First we practised aiming the ball by bouncing it into a hoop on the floor. We then developed this skill by practising shooting into a net. After a few practises, we then competed […]

Hello and welcome back after the Christmas half term. We hope that you all had a brilliant holiday and a nice relaxing break. We can’t wait to start this half term as we have some very exciting activities and lessons planned! Our new topic will be Florence Nightingale. We will be learning about why she […]

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Well done to the children in 2A who received 100% attendance in Autumn 2! What an amazing achievement! 🙂

Well done to the children in 2A who have been green the whole of Autumn 2! What a fantastic achievement! They had an hour out of class playing parachute games and receiving some special treats.

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