It was our last lesson of Gymnastics for this half term and we decided to put all of our learning together to create a sequence across apparatus.

We made sure we showed a good starting position, used our arms to balance along apparatus, used a straight jump to get off the apparatus and some of us even practised a half twist jump.
We have really enjoyed learning some new skills in Gymnastics and look forward to our new topic in Autumn 2!

Take a look at Sumayyah:

IMG_0190 from Danielle Henry on Vimeo.

Well done to Ibby in 2A for receiving Scientist of the Month for his inquisitive mind in lessons and his engagement in all science activities.

This week we have been learning the importance of exercising: to make our muscles stronger and to stop us from becoming overweight.
Today we took part in different exercises and thought about which body part we were using!
We had lots of fun!

This week we made a healthy fruit smoothie for Tiddalik’s birthday party!
Our healthy fruit smoothie included mango, strawberries and bananas!
We will e writing instructions, so that other people can make their own delicious smoothie!

Here are some pictures of us creating our masterpieces! We used the end of a paintbrush to create the dot effect!

Today we have been looking at different aboriginal paintings. Below are some of the examples we found:

Next week we plan to create our very own aboriginal paintings. Before we do this, we needed to test some different tools to decide the most effective resource to create the pattern for our paintings. We tested out a cotton bud, the end of a paintbrush, the end of a pencil, a stick and our fingers.

Which tool do you think was the most effective?

Australian aboriginal people used to create stories using pictures and symbols.
Today we attempted to create our very own dreamtime stories.

Can you re-tell any of the stories?

Today in Music we listened to three different sounds and matched them to either a dinosaur, a soldier or a pogo stick. We discussed that the dinosuar music was a slow, stomping sound, the solider music was a quicker, steady beat and the pogo stick was even quicker and sounded bouncy!

We then practised counting the beats and imitating the rhythm using actions. Check out our actions to the different pieces of music.

IMG_9971 copy from Danielle Henry on Vimeo.

We have been enjoying some team games in our multi skills sessions in PE this week.
We have worked hard to work as a team and to follow instructions whilst having lots of fun!

We followed your instructions Tiddalik, but there is no way we can make the milkshake as it was disgusting! It looked that horrible that we couldn’t even taste it!

Don’t worry though! Over the next few weeks we will write you some new instructions about how to make a delicious, healthy smoothie.

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